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AES ventures into the generation of more sustainable and intelligent energy solutions

Written by Alondra Gutiérrez

AES El Salvador announced the launch of its new global and local brand, a transformation that represents the evolution of the company and its commitment to generate a positive impact through the generation of clean energy, the introduction of innovative energy products and services, and the incorporation of more technologies in its operations, adapted to the needs of its customers.

Globally, AES increases from 3,000 to 4,000 megawatts of renewable energy per year, which is like installing 3 or 4 times the total demand of El Salvador.

Among the investments made by AES is the construction and start-up of 13 plants, 12 of them with solar sources and one based on biogas for US$227 million, with this they seek to implement solar generation integrated with batteries to store the energy produced that has not been consumed by customers.

During 2021, AES will allocate more than US$56 million to modernize and digitalize the operations of the distribution companies: CAESS, CLESA, EEO and DEUSEM.

"The implementation of these technologies will allow us to provide an agile, safe and reliable service to the 1.4 million customers we serve through our distributors: CAESS, CLESA, EEO and DEUSEM", said Abraham Bichara, CEO of AES El Salvador.

As part of the commitment and innovation by AES seeks solutions for customers for this reason have installed more than 30,000 LED lights in different municipalities in the country as a result of this only pay 60% less energy and thus seeks to help finance the savings as "AES soluciones".

As part of the commitment to Electro-Movilidad AES already has seven electric vehicles and expects to incorporate more than a dozen electric vehicles this year, as they are working on installing chargers in strategic locations, so that customers adapt and lose their fear of new technologies.

Also, as part of the projects is "AES mujer", which seeks to train women to perform electrical, and residential installations. To date, fifteen courses have been offered, of which 412 women have already been trained and certified by the regulator, some of them have joined the AES work team, and it is expected that this year training will be resumed with online courses to give continuity to this project.

AES has incorporated the modernization of distribution, which consists of intelligent networks, intelligent operations, that is to say, intelligent meters which gather data including: how energy is consumed, at what times, with what intensity the users consume it, these have a great innovative technology. This is part of its new image that seeks to be the energy of the future for the country.

The new AES represents the opportunities to create a positive impact through people. And with that it positions itself at the forefront of technological innovations that will transform the industry, thus promoting the sustainable energy that El Salvador needs.

In this way, AES will continue to promote technologies for the efficient use and intelligent use of energy.

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