Friday, 07 February 2020 13:46

AES drives digital transformation for commercial services

Written by Sandy Velasco

With the implementation of the electronic self-management points in the commercial offices, the application for mobile devices, and the artificial intelligence in social networks, AES seeks to simplify and speed up the commercial processes for the benefit of its 1.4 million customers.

AES El Salvador, through its distributors CAESS, CLESA, EEO and DEUSEM, has managed more than 440,0000 commercial processes through its digital attention services, to provide its clients with agile and reliable solutions.

"Making use of technology makes procedures faster, and more effective”, said Sergio Flores, user of the Self-Management Points, located in AES El Salvador's commercial offices. "Without a doubt, technology improves the company's services, and the client is satisfied”, he said.

AES explained that it has 24 Electronic Self-Management Points in the commercial offices of CAESS, CLESA, EEO, and DEUSEM, so that clients can minimize waiting time, and resolve some commercial procedures, without the need to go through a customer service executive. To date, the distributors have managed 360,583 commercial requirements with this technology.

Also, through the AES Mobile application, the distributors allow its customers to perform commercial operations from their mobile device, such as: balance inquiries, bill payments, energy theft reports, maintenance interruptions, and scheduling appointments at commercial offices for special procedures.

"I think it's fantastic that through the use of an application on the cell phone, we can speed up the procedures we have to do, and get the answers we need”, said Ana Ruth Arriaza.

Likewise, AES' commercial modernization extended to its social networks, and web page. Currently, the electric company implements artificial intelligence within the automated messaging, to solve with agility, and efficiency the queries made by its customers through the Facebook Messenger application, and online chat on its website

Artificial intelligence allows for the processing of the client's natural language, and the provision of answers in an average of three seconds. AES reported that they have handled more than 60,000 business transactions with this technology.

"Social networks are a channel that saves us from moving to the offices, that saves us time and money”,  said Carlos González, user of AES' social networks.

Through innovation and technology, AES El Salvador promotes the future of electricity distribution in the country, improving the commercial experience of communities, businesses, and industries.


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