Sunday, 29 May 2022 21:47

SISTEMA FEDECRÉDITO recognizes young talent with the delivery of computers

Written by Dinero Staff

SISTEMA FEDECRÉDITO fulfilling its commitment to support education through its lines of corporate social responsibility, delivered computers to the three young mathematicians who won gold, bronze and honorable mention in the Asia-Pacific Mathematical Olympiad (APMO).

The young people who benefited from this computer equipment are Fernando Daniel Domínguez Castaneda, who won a gold medal, José Manuel Cabrera Guardado, who won a bronze medal, and Enrique Adonay Hernández Rafaelano, who received an honorable mention in this event, which is considered one of the most difficult and prestigious in the world.

"We are very proud to recognize the great work done by these young people who have put the name of our country on high, because it is the first time that El Salvador wins a gold medal in this event, which brings together various countries in Asia and America. As SISTEMA FEDECRÉDITO we feel committed to support and benefit the salvadoran youth, because we know that they are the present and future of our country", said Oscar Ruano, Business Manager of FEDECRÉDITO.

With this type of actions SISTEMA FEDECRÉDITO demonstrates that it is committed to give a hand to the youth of our country, supporting their talent and dreams from its Social Responsibility policies, with which always performs good works for salvadorans.