Friday, 22 April 2022 02:16

Nestlé El Salvador together with Walmart and Recicla 503 launch new recycling stations

Written by Dinero Staff

To date, 8,682.48g of recyclable materials have been collected, 44% glass, 32% cardboard, 15% plastic, 7% paper, 3% aluminum.

"At Walmart we are committed to restore, renew, replenish and preserve our planet, and that is why, since last year, we joined the "Reciclemos hoy para Vivir mañana" program, providing space in our Walmart Santa Elena store to place the first recycling station", explained Sandra Ganuza, Corporate Affairs Coordinator of Walmart El Salvador.

This week two new recycling stations are being placed in Walmart Constitución and Walmart Santa Ana, as part of the support for this initiative and the company's commitment to the environment, said Ganuza.

This initiative stems from Nestlé's RE environmental strategy, which seeks to promote alliances between different sectors of society for proper environmental management and a sustainable future.

As part of Walmart's actions to advance towards its goal of becoming a regenerative company by 2010, it has been joining forces with Ternova through the Recicla 503 program, to promote a culture of waste separation and classification under the "Reciclemos hoy para vivir mañana" program.

The pilot project was launched in 2021, with the first recycling station located in the Walmart Santa Elena store, with the common objective of the companies, to promote a culture of separation and classification of waste in the population for a subsequent recycling process.

The "Reciclemos hoy para vivir mañana" project works through the provision of collection stations in Walmart stores, facilitating the area where its customers have special containers to deposit recyclable material such as paper, cardboard, aluminum, plastic or glass, to be collected later.