Thursday, 07 April 2022 14:33

Merelec officially delivers I-REC Clean Energy Certificates to Salvadoran company Enerwire

Written by Evelyn Alas

Merelec, made the official delivery of the clean energy certificate transaction for the second consecutive year to the salvadoran company Enerwire, through the international REC certification granted by The International REC Standard Foundation based in the Netherlands.

The official delivery of the Certificate took place in the afternoon of march 21, 2022 at the offices of Enerwire, a company distinguished for being a leader in the manufacture of copper, aluminum and bimetallic electrical conductors.

About Renewable Energy Certification for Enerwire

Enerwire's commitment to sustainability is framed in a program called "Energreen", where they define, design and implement systems and guidelines to promote responsible energy consumption and reduce the impact on the environment. The plan is based on four main areas, which seek to have a positive impact from within the company: by-products, electricity, water and waste.

With the "Energreen" program, the company renews its commitment to the community in which it operates, making the most of its resources, promoting the recycling or reuse of paper, cardboard and plastic. The Enerwire team, from area leaders to collaborators, is aware of the great opportunity and responsibility, for which they are 100% committed to continue in this dynamic. 

"The Clean Energy certificates, together with the Energreen program, strengthen us as a company. The goal is to continue measuring and evaluating every effort to be better and more sustainable.  With Energreen we are contributing to the fight against climate change and to the sustainable development of the business sector; becoming pioneers in the country and the region - Rodrigo O'Byrne, CEO Enerwire".

Thanks to this transaction and redemption of energy certificates generated with renewable resources ENERWIRE continues to offer to the local and international market products that have been manufactured with 100% renewable energy during the year 2021. Enerwire consolidates its commitment by remaining the first salvadoran company to reach this milestone.

About I-REC Clean Energy Certificates

An International Renewable Energy Certificate (I-REC) provides third-party validation that the company and its production processes meet sustainability and sustainable growth goals under the scope of the GHG Protocol and RE100.

The certificate represents the environmental attributes - for example, the reduction in CO2 emissions - that are created when electricity is generated using renewable resources instead of fossil fuel sources. A clean energy certificate represents 1 MWh of energy consumption for your production process that was sourced and came from a renewable source.

It is in this way that companies can couple their production processes to the new vision of green sustainability that is permeating all supply chains worldwide, and to be part of this process, companies must cultivate and care for the future.

Companies that are covering and supporting their production processes with renewable energy, are at the forefront of the international supply chain, driving higher sales and better conditions in international trade, in turn helping the regional decarbonization.

It is important to mention that all Clean Energy Certificates are available to all companies and individuals who want to certify a green consumption and be part of the group of leading zero carbon companies, they can purchase local and international certificates through MERELEC and its Carbon Management service, a service platform that will be available and accessible to all.