Friday, 08 January 2021 07:12

Ministry of Finance seeks to recover US$400,000 with complaint against two tax evaders

Written by Dinero Staff

The Ministry of Finance presented, this Thursday, two new cases of tax evasion before the Attorney General's Office, the sum of undeclared income amounts to US$400,000, one of the cases presented is linked to an importer and seller of vehicles who evaded income tax, and the second is attributed to a company selling petroleum products (gas station).

According to Article 249-A(3) of the Criminal Code, these cases correspond to the crime of tax evasion.

To date, the institution has presented 75 cases of evasion, which total US$59.2 million, and US$4 million have been recovered from 20 cases of evasion that were partially or totally resolved, as reported by Rubén Ordoñez, director of internal taxes of this institution.

On the same day, the minister of Finance, Alejandro Zelaya, reacted to the ruling of the Constitutional Court, agreeing with the decision taken by the institution.

The Chamber declared legislative decree 781 unconstitutional because it considered that it contained formal defects, the decree intended to incorporate US$400 million to the General Budget of the Nation, money that was to be distributed to mayors, war veterans and the execution of projects of FOMILENIO II.

The minister of Finance, Alejandro Zelaya, said that the executive managed to rescue the works of FOMILENIO II from the 2021 budget, which according to the official were lost thanks to the management of the Legislative Assembly.

The mayors have reacted, alleging that no FODES have been received for 7 months, causing the mayors to have difficulties paying their employees or maintaining their social programs such as scholarship programs.

Zelaya referred to this situation, saying that due to the slow tax collection caused by the pandemic last year, expenses will continue to be prioritized, being the public debt to which more funds will be allocated before, and he said that as the fiscal fund is strengthened, the state's obligations will begin to be fulfilled more effectively.

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