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MAG launches "Rural Adelante", the agricultural economic transformation program

Written by Sandy Velasco

The Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock (MAG), through the General Directorate of Rural Development, will be the entities responsible for implementing "Rural Adelante", which aims to increase the income of families living in poverty in the eastern part of the country in a sustainable manner.

"Rural Adelante" will target poor rural individuals and families linked to formal organizations. And in a direct and indirect way it will benefit 33,200 people, that is, 8,300 salvadoran families.

"We are an inclusive government and this program will bring great development to the eastern part of the country. We are very interested in people developing, but in doing so in an orderly manner", said the Minister of Agriculture and Livestock, Pablo Anlíker.

The support will be given to the productive initiatives of the organizations through direct co-financing, technical accompaniment aimed at improving their management capacities, making better use of natural resources and minimizing adverse effects of climate change. These productive enterprises are directly linked to one or several links in the value chain that are prioritized by the Program (Dairy, Fruits and Vegetables).

The programme includes the four departments of the country's eastern region: La Unión, Usulután, San Miguel and Morazán, with a total of 87 municipalities.

The organizations that will benefit will be those that comply with the minimum percentages of participation of women (40%), youth (20%) or that are organizations of native peoples. Additionally, young people (50% women and 50% men) are included in technical training for employment; as well as women, indigenous people and young people interested in improving their participation in the public policy cycle, which favours their greater inclusion and equity.

Rural Adelante is made up of three components:

Component 1: Strengthening capacities for sustainable production with adaptation to climate change. The objective of this component is to improve research, extension, education and training services for the development of priority chains, with a focus on adaptation to climate change.

Component 2: Development of competitive, sustainable and inclusive value chains. The objective is to promote the development of value chains as a mechanism for generating market access opportunities and increasing the income of poor rural families, through a market demand approach.

Component 3: Strengthening the public policy framework for rural development. The objective is to strengthen the public and institutional policy framework for rural development. To support the analysis, formulation and implementation of policies related to value chains; the environment and adaptation to climate change; gender, rural youth, and indigenous populations.

Requirements of organizations to implement

The organization must meet the following requirements:

  • Organizations belonging to the departments of San Miguel, Morazán, La Unión and Usulután.
  • Agro productive activity related and linked to the chains: dairy, fruits and vegetables.
  • Percentage of participation of women 40%, and youth 20%.
  • Producers' organizations must be legally constituted.
  • Legal status - Availability of counterpart financing for business plans.
  • For projects that contemplate investment in infrastructure or machinery and equipment, they must have real estate (land) or commercial and/or productive infrastructure that legally belongs to the Association.
  • Leverage business plans with additional financing.
  • Projects must be environmentally friendly with an emphasis on climate change adaptation
  • Availability and commitment to actively participate in the processes of capacity building, business plan development and chain tables.

In order for your organization to benefit from Adelante Rural, you can request and fill out the pre-registration form by sending an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., or you can contact us at 2210-1821 or present it directly at the Program's headquarters at Avenida Agatón Silva, and Calle Simón Bolívar, No. 1, Colonia Ciudad Jardín, San Miguel; next to the Casino Migueleño.

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