Friday, 08 February 2019 15:49

How much solar and wind energy will be generated in El Salvador in the coming years?

Written by Dinero

Currently, more than 200MW of renewable energy power is in operation.

According to the commercial planning manager of DELSUR, Ingrid de Mendoza, projects for the generation of an additional 300 MW are under construction. Likewise, she affirmed that in a year and a half, the country will have in operation a total of 500 MW of solar and wind energy.

The representative of DELSUR, also explained that of the 300MW of renewable energy that are under construction, 50 MW will be wind. These figures for renewable energy generation represent about 30% of the installed generation capacity in the country.

DELSUR and Energy & Meteo Systems developed the "Forecast of Solar / Wind Energy for the integration of renewable energies in Central America" workshop.

Obtaining more precise forecasts for generation of this type maintains the stability of the network, to systems that operate with a high participation of non-conventional renewable energy and optimize the economic dispatch of the generation plants.

Energy & Meteo Systems has a long experience in forecasting solar, and wind power generation worldwide.

DELSUR has led several bidding processes with the aim of diversifying the country's energy matrix, by promoting the installation of new solar, and wind technology generation projects.

Since 2016, both companies have agreed to establish an alliance with the objective of increasing the knowledge of market operators, regulators, generators and other operators and institutions of the salvadoran and central american energy sector.