Friday, 08 February 2019 15:38

ABANSA: it is "essential" that the new Government stimulates investments, and complies with the LRF

Written by Dinero

The President of ABANSA, Raúl Cardenal explained that the new Government will have to focus on three "indispensable" elements. On February 3, Nayib Bukele was elected President of the Republic for the period 2019-2024.

According to the trade union representative, it is essential that the new Government works to stimulate local and foreign investment, since this will allow the generation of jobs, growth and social welfare.

In a second section they mention the importance of complying with the Fiscal Responsibility Law that seeks to reduce the deficit in national finances, by generating higher income as a result of economic growth, and the reduction of current expenditure.

"This will help improve the country's rating, and reduce interest rates on public debt”, ABANSA said.

In addition, ABANSA considers it indispensable to establish consensus with all the political forces of the country to promote initiatives, and laws that benefit the country and the salvadoran population.