Tuesday, 06 December 2022 14:59

Defensoría installs two digital kiosks for diaspora consumers

Written by Evelyn Alas

The Defensoría del Consumidor in coordination with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of El Salvador, through the Vice Ministry of Diaspora and Human Mobility enabled in Colon and Soyapango, the first digital kiosks for consumers of the diaspora who use consular services in the country.

The President of the Defensoría del Consumidor, Raul Salazar, informed that the opening of the digital kiosks in the regional offices has as purpose that the salvadoran diaspora has assistance, information and timely protection.


At the virtual counters, people can request advice and attention for consumer complaints, have access to information and educational material on consumer rights.

Digital kiosks will also be installed in the United States, Canada, Spain and Italy. This service will facilitate timely attention and will be articulated with other services such as virtual conciliation, to facilitate and complement the attention.


The official said that the Defensoría del Consumidor seeks to prevent consumers of the salvadoran diaspora to be subject to abuse and fraud in their capacity as consumers before suppliers of goods and services operating locally in El Salvador or e-commerce.