Wednesday, 07 September 2022 14:49

Fundación Gloria Kriete boosts youth employability through training and education

Written by Coralia Cuellar//Paty Salinas

According to the International Labor Organization, the global youth unemployment rate will be 14.9% by 2022, which reflects a slight improvement compared to 2021. Projections indicate that the number of unemployed youth will drop by 2 million in 2022 compared to 2021, despite the fact that there will still be 6 million more unemployed youth in the world than before the health crisis, especially those living in less developed countries.

In view of these data, the Fundación Gloria Kriete (FGK) organized the third edition of the event “Conexiones para el Empleo”, a meeting that brings together representatives of the private sector, international cooperation, important organizations that work in favor of youth employability at national and regional level, among others.



The objective of this event is to share, through two discussions with experts and young people, different perspectives on the challenges we face as a country when talking about talent and youth employment. Among the speakers at the talks were Alexis Taylor-Granados, representative of the United States Agency for International Development (USAID), Juan José Urbina, representative of the International Labor Organization, representatives of private companies, as well as Roberto and Fernando Kriete, experts on investment issues for training and employment.


The different educational programs of Fundación Gloria Kriete provide the country with the opportunity to have qualified people with a high potential for employability: Oportunidades, a unique program in the region that for 15 years has invested in the academic and employment training of more than 3,600 young salvadorans. It has a 92% effectiveness rate in the placement of its human talent. The program offers intensive support that lasts from 5 to 8 years and includes complementary studies in high school, scholarships for higher education, a job training program, and support in labor intermediation. KODIGO, a creative technology academy with a social focus, accelerates learning through bootcamps that are adapted to the requirements of top technology companies.


Likewise, FGK has digitalized education in the country with the free learning platform Capacítate para el empleo and LearnMatch language learning applications, providing online professional training with short-term studies and oriented to labor insertion.

Roberto Kriete, President of Fundación Gloria Kriete, commented: "Employment is the core of development, at Fundación Gloria Kriete we have the purpose of building a better future for salvadoran youth. Through our different programs we are forming integral and prepared young people with the necessary tools to enhance skills that favor their insertion into the labor market. In this way, we strengthen the economic growth of El Salvador and help reduce the factors that drive irregular migration by promoting the development of human capital.

The alliances that are promoted in spaces such as this meeting help reduce poverty and guarantee shared prosperity through education and job training; they also contribute to generating decent employability opportunities for young people through programs that provide accessible, high-quality education, as well as scholarships and financing to continue higher education or specializations in areas such as technology.