Tuesday, 28 June 2022 15:16

New PIN offers safer shipments with Uber Flash and Flash Moto in El Salvador

Written by Evelyn Alas

With the aim of continuing to put technology at the service of the safety of the community that uses the Uber app on a daily basis, and in view of the celebration of the Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises Day (MiPYMES) on june 27, Uber announced a new security tool for users and those who use this product to verify shipments through Uber Flash or Flash Moto.

Starting today, both entrepreneurs and individuals will be able to make shipments with a four-digit PIN that must be provided by the recipient at the time of delivery. The goal of the new tool is to bring greater confidence that the item is received by the correct person.

"Through PIN the recipient must confirm to the driving partner a four-digit code that is randomly generated by the platform. The delivery is not finalized until the driver-partner enters the correct PIN, so that the user who sent the item, has the peace of mind that the delivery was completed successfully", assured Manuela Bedoya, security communications manager for Uber in the Andean, Central America and Caribbean region.

Bedoya assured that this new security tool adds value for MSMEs to take advantage of Uber's innovation. Among the advantages that Uber Flash brings to entrepreneurs, the following stand out:

1. Flexibility: Users can make a delivery at the time it is required, without prior reservations. In addition they have option to ship medium and small items with either Uber Flash or Flash Moto.

2. Traceability: The entrepreneur and his customer have access to trip information and route map in real time. Both parties will also receive alerts on their phones when the delivery is approaching. If necessary, the driving partner will be able to contact both parties by message or call through the app.

3. Payment methods: MSMEs have several options to pay for the shipment, from cash on delivery to prepayment by credit card.

4. Security: Shipments through Flash have security tools offered by the Uber platform on each trip.

With Uber Flash or Moto Flash, users and MSMEs can request rides to ship items up to 30 pounds or less such as gifts, documents and other small to medium-sized personal items that can fit in the trunk of a vehicle or on a motorcycle.