Thursday, 04 November 2021 16:52

PLAN INTERNATIONAL promotes its new campaign “Rompamos la desigualdad”

Written by Evelyn Alas

Plan International presented its new campaign: “Rompamos la desigualdad”which is being carried out simultaneously in 8 countries in Latin America and the Caribbean (Brazil, Ecuador, Dominican Republic, Guatemala, Honduras, El Salvador, Nicaragua and Peru) in order to make an urgent call to action so that girls and adolescents in the region have a better future, and have programs to protect them from harassment, violence, sexual abuse, early pregnancies and support them in connectivity and educational continuity.

The organization invites to raise awareness and support to provide a response to the various problems faced by girls in the region, so they call for the mobilization of funds to break the circles of inequality that put girls and adolescents in vulnerable situations.

"Through this new campaign we seek that all salvadorans become aware of the inequalities faced by girls and that they join and support us to continue funding more projects and programs that provide new opportunities for them", said Carmen Elena Alemán, Country Director of Plan International El Salvador.

Last october, the organization presented a National Study on the gender situation of girls and adolescents pre and post confinement by Covid-19, which includes data on education, health, child labor and gender-based violence. The study highlighted that the confinement and closure of schools had a negative impact on the psycho-emotional development of girls and adolescents.

It was also noted that many had to drop out of school and began to help out at home, especially because priority was given to the education of their siblings. Similarly, it is mentioned that violence did not stop, but only adapted to new platforms, in this case, social networks.

In line with these efforts, they also launched the first Regional Observatory of Latin America and the Caribbean: "Reality of Girls", which collects, organizes and systematizes information from official sources in 13 countries on the main issues related to the rights of girls and adolescents, such as gender-based violence, child pregnancy and forced unions.

It is in view of this strong evidence that Plan International decided to present this new campaign concept, which has the support of the business sector, who also through their Corporate Social Responsibility programs, decide to support projects that promote the rights of children.

Recognizing this effort, the humanitarian organization, which is present in more than 400 communities in the country, made accountability to authorities of different companies, as well as shared the main achievements they have reached to date.

Likewise, during the event, a group of brands was recognized, highlighting the work of 33 companies with which Plan International has been working, some of them for many years.

These are the companies, people and brands that were recognized: Davivienda, Banco Agrícola, Telus International, Vidals y Sento, Juguetón y Bebemundo, Teleperformance, Fundación TCS, The Office Gurus, The Coffee Cup, Laboratorios Paill, ASESUISA, Kimberly Clark, Cámara Americana de Comercio de El Salvador (AmCham), La Prensa Gráfica, Tigo El Salvador, Walk In Closet, Luciana Sandoval, Palo Verde, Luis Landaverde, JCDecaux, Bimbo, El Diario de Hoy, Asociación Salvadoreña de Radiodifusores (ASDER), Inversiones SIMCO, Delsur, Crecer, Diario El Salvador, Facela, Walmart, Grupo Roble, Fundación Calleja, Plump and Imagina Showmarketing.

The organization invited to be attentive and attentive to join the different activities that will be carried out in various shopping centers in the country, where they will be present with this new campaign that seeks to break with inequality.