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CEMEX conducts virtual class with future Central American engineers and architects

Written by Alondra Gutiérrez

Around 300 university students participate in the lectures, which are given by professional experts in the field.

Cementos Mexicanos (CEMEX) began the 2021 cycle of the "Cátedra CEMEX Virtual" in alliance with universities in Guatemala, Nicaragua and El Salvador. Around 300 students from the 4th and 5th years of Civil Engineering and Architecture participated in the inauguration, who received specialized training from international speakers. Three lectures have already been held so far this year.

The program had been implemented in person in recent years, but as a result of the pandemic, the virtual concept was integrated; this made it possible to strengthen the contents taught and to integrate a team of international speakers.

Yuri de Los Santos, CEMEX Director for North Central America, highlighted that "Cátedra CEMEX Virtual" is a program designed to contribute to the intellectual development of new professionals in Civil Engineering and Architecture careers through lectures, as well as to strengthen university academic programs, and support research projects.

"As a company we innovate and contribute to our future construction professionals. We strengthened the training program that CEMEX was already developing, but this time virtually. This space allows us to share knowledge about the technologies currently used in the industry, cement, concrete, and paving techniques, as well as integral and innovative solutions", said Yuri de Los Santos, CEMEX director.

Edgardo Armando Peña, dean of the Faculty of Engineering at Universidad El Salvador, expressed his gratitude to the company for continuing "Cátedra CEMEX Virtual", since the situation caused by COVID-19 has affected education at the university and this alliance is now more than ever a valuable tool.

"For us this academic training is extremely important because in this way, our students manage to be in contact with that professional world, by having access to quality content taught by recognized professionals in the region, which is a complement to their career as it prepares them to face the challenges in the current context", reiterated, the dean, Faculty of Engineering, Universidad El Salvador.

During the first semester of 2021, specialists with experience in the construction sector will give the "Cátedra CEMEX Virtual" through the Zoom platform. The lecture series consists of eight 45-minute lectures.

Among the topics taught are: Health and Safety at construction sites, Cement Technology, Innovation in Construction Systems, Concrete Technology, Specialty Concretes, Precast, Quality Control in Cements and Concretes, Green Construction, and Earthquake Resistant Construction. With this virtual initiative, a precedent is being set for university students, since it is an opportunity to broaden their knowledge and emerge to a potential labor market.

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