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4 reasons to buy an apartment in El Salvador

Written by Dinero
4 reasons to buy an apartment in El Salvador -Living in a vertical housing is taking more and more strength due to cost, location and security.

Do you want to know what are some reasons to buy an apartment, and why is it an excellent investment? shares the following information that you should consider when buying a property of this type.

Buying a home is one of the most important decisions in a person's life. Nowadays, the concept of living in a vertical dwelling is taking more and more force, among the main reasons for cost, location, and security.

Discover four reasons to consider when buying an apartment:

Security. One of the main advantages is that the complexes of this type offer a 24-hour security service, and controlled access for visitors, which provides the peace of mind to live without worries or having to install an arsenal of protection.

Necessary space. More and more construction companies are focusing on the lifestyle of modern people. Therefore, the benefit of living in an apartment is that you will have the necessary space to live comfortably, and quietly. Living in an apartment will allow you to have a minimalist space with a panoramic view on terraces, that is comfortable enough, and that adapts to your lifestyle.

Amenities: Today projects of this type have recreational spaces such as gardens, swimming pools, gymnasiums, multipurpose room, among others.

Pet friendly: Currently the welfare of your pet is as important as yours, for this reason, many apartment projects are giving the access of these, oriented to a pet friendly lifestyle, also implementing exclusive amenities such as pet wash, jogging track, among others, that promote the welfare of pets.

In El Salvador there is a project that offers all these advantages, it is Nuva 112, located in the municipality of Santa Tecla.

The concept of NUVA is cloud by connectivity and new because it was the first vertical project in the area, designed for people looking for a modern environment and dynamic spaces that allow them to lead a healthy lifestyle; 112 is the extension in square kilometers of the municipality of Santa Tecla, of which Nuva is surrounded, and has a panoramic view of them.

Among the main amenities that the complex offers in its condominiums are its elevators and safety stairs, co-living spaces for interaction among residents such as swimming pool, multipurpose room, gym, walking path, outdoor theater, and sports área; games for children; as well as a co-working space for those professionals or entrepreneurs who have physical spaces to work on their own projects.

Located in Santa Tecla, NUVA 112 is a project that offers great advantages

This project is currently composed of two towers of 9 levels each, and 36 apartments per towers.

However, NUVA 112 will carry out the construction of the third phase of apartments, which includes 2 new apartment towers, of 11 levels each.

The third phase of NUVA 112 will have a total area of 8,676 m2, and includes the construction of 156 apartments, that is, 78 apartments per tower, more than 340 parking spaces, and large green areas. The start of construction is planned during the first quarter of 2019.

More and more construction companies focus on the lifestyle of modern people