Friday, 14 December 2018 15:00

"Expired products", most commercial defaults during the holiday season

Written by Dinero

The Defensoría del Consumidor revealed the results obtained in the first week of the Christmas campaign. According to the data presented by the institution, 129 inspections have been carried out.

86.82% of these reported compliance with the legal provisions verified; while in 13.18% (17) there were findings of noncompliance.

The results explain that 91% of the inspections were concentrated in the following sectors: Restaurants, and Supermarkets.

Of the 17 inspections with non-compliances, 26 types of findings were identified, of which 46.15% were concentrated in the finding of expired product (Article 14 of the LPC). The second finding is related to misleading advertising and selling at a higher price, each with 15.38%, and sight price with 3.85%, and the lack of information on promotions, and offers.

The president of the Defensoría del Consumidor reported that from December 3 to 8, he provided advice to 99.30% (854) of the consumers served in this period; and to the remaining 0.70% (6), management services (3), referrals (2), and complaint (1).

67.78% of the attentions were concentrated in the following 5 sectors: Telecommunications, 183 (21.28%); Credits 179 (20.81%); Electric power 97 (11.28%); Services 66 (7.67%); and Appliances 58 (6.74%).

According to the data, they are mainly motivated by breach of contracts, higher charge than the one contracted, undue charges, default of the consumer, and discrepancy with respect to the invoiced amount. The Defensoría said that the only complaint received is motivated by breach of guarantee.